Get Your Next Pet From a Shelter

Get Your Next Pet From a Shelter

It’s natural for most people to shop for pets for themselves or their loved ones. However, have you ever considered getting your pet from a shelter rather than a pet store? What’s the difference? Well, let’s have a look.

1. Great Personality

When you get a pet from a pet store, more often than not, you’ll be buying a pure breed. The thing with pure breeds is that their upbringing is questionable. Pure breeds are usually bred essentially for financial gain; therefore, they are usually not well taken care of and are not very social creatures compared to those in a shelter. Most animals from shelters are kinder and more socially adept because they are usually homeless, from divorced families, or individuals with financial challenges; they are mainly from previous owners who took good care of them. Hence, by adopting a pet, you’ll be getting a pet with a more charming personality compared to getting one from a pet store.

2. Two in One

By getting your pet from a shelter, you’ll actually be saving two lives. Shelters are normally filled with a lot of animals from different places and for different reasons. Often, shelters are forced to euthanize some pets due to space issues. By opting to get your pet from a shelter, you’ll be getting your pet a new home, and the space your pet will have left at the shelter will then become a home for another poor animal.

3. It’s Way More Affordable!

There are actually a lot of financial gains to appreciate by adopting a pet. Pets in shelters are taken care of in ways that pets in pet shops are not. From a shelter, you’ll get a pet that is neutered or spayed, and vaccinated. You’ll be getting a very healthy animal both psychologically and body-wise, and you won’t have to worry about unnecessary puppies or kittens. In case you don’t know, these procedures are usually quite expensive if done on your own because pets from pet shops are rarely ever neutered, spayed or vaccinated. That task is left to you. Furthermore, since most animals from shelters are rescued animals, they will be more affordable compared to pure breeds brought up essentially for financial gain. Getting your pet from a shelter will save you lots of cash, and leave you with a companion you’ll appreciate for life.

4. You’ll Be Discouraging Puppy Mills

Most animals in pet stores come from puppy mills; facilities where dogs and even other animals are bred in large quantities, under poor conditions, without positive human interaction, and essentially for financial gain. When these animals are placed in shops for sale, they may look cute aesthetically but their spirits are often scarred because of the poor conditions they came from. In shelters, as indicated earlier, the animals are usually well taken care of and a good number of them came from responsible breeders and owners. By getting your pet from shelters, you’ll be discouraging puppy mills or at least hinting at the idea that people prefer animals that are well taken care of over those that are not.

So you see, adopting your next pet, or getting it from a shelter is a much kinder alternative to getting your pet from a pet store. If you get your pet from a pet store, you’ll be part of those encouraging the horrible treatment of animals, and you’ll waste your money on a senseless cause. Nonetheless, getting your pet from a shelter will save you lots of money, and leave you with a pet that you’ll truly love.

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